Matteo Bartolini – Je suis le Make up Artist & Hairstylist

Matteo was born in Cecina (Tuscany), Italy, and has always been attracted by beauty and the possibility of being able to change ‘mood’ through aesthetics.

One day, the words of Confucius began to make him think: ‘Choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.”

From that moment on, he began a personal quest, wondering what was the one thing in the world that could make him feel alive. The answer was found in make-up and later in hair styling, both full of vitality, colours and shapes. He embarked on his career, small steps at a time, being inspired and attracted by the world around him, having the pleasure of working with different clients, in various Italian and foreign cities.

These opportunities have allowed him to test himself every day, learning and improving his ‘artistic and human’ identity.

Matteo, how did your passion for hairstyling and makeup begin?

I have always been enchanted by shapes and colours, especially by their power to create stories and moods in such an immediate way. Being able to play with and combine these elements has made me, and continues to make me feel alive, inspiring me professionally and humanly. This feeling has evolved over the years into makeup and hairstyling where for me, every detail is pure poetry.

What is your strong point at work?

I think there are more than one, first of all my determination, with which I have been able to build my career step by step, and then my passion, without which I believe it is impossible to do this job, and finally the imagination that makes this work magic.

What has been your favourite work experience?

Honestly, all of them, as each of them has taught me something and at the same time allowed me to overcome my limits and enrich my style and artistic knowledge.

How did you find out about Valera Salon Exclusive?

While I was working in Zurich, we were on a photo shoot, a colleague of mine had one of your products in his kit, I was so fascinated by it that I immediately looked for more information about it.

Why did you choose Valera? What do you appreciate most about the brand?

Valera reflects the concept of quality that I look for in every one of my clients. At the same time, the speed and power offered by your products allows me to optimise the working time on the various photo shoots.

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