Valera won the best professional Hair Dryer Brand in Germany

Valera is glad to have won the title of “Best hair dryer brand 2020” in the survey conducted by the independent German industry newsletter, friseur-intern. 

The annual survey in the German hairdressing industry asks the professionals for their experience with tools and products they use in their salons, letting them estimate the most represented brands in six categories. 

The brand made in Swiss Valera, won the best professional blow dryer category with a score of 1,59 against their international competitors and is especially appreciated for quality, design and service.  

Here the complete article of friseur-intern 49/20:

“Every hairdryer is tested by hand!”

Products from Switzerland have always had an extremely good reputation, as the country stands for precision and quality like no other country in the world. Hairdressers evidently see this embodied in Valera hairdryers, as the company, based in the Swiss canton of Ticino, came first in the friseur-intern partnership ranking of hairdryers, relegating last year’s winner Babyliss to second place

Valera was founded by the German-Italian Gustavo Soresina in Milan in 1955. In the mid-1970s, together with his Austrian wife, he moved to Ticino to produce his hairdryers. Over the decades, the company grew with its Swiss quality standards and is now one of the world’s leading brand manufacturers of hairdryers. One third each of the turnover is generated in the a) retail market, b) with hotels and other accommodation businesses and c) with salon products for the hairdressing market. Around 10 per cent of the total turnover is achieved in Germany. This makes the German market one of the most important regions, along with Italy and the USA. Today, the company is led by the second generation, the brothers Claudio and Flavio Soresina.

Valera hairdryers receive excellent ratings in the categories quality, service and warranty. (see table 2).


The price-performance ratio is rated 2.14. Pascal Aenishänslin, Valera Sales Director, commented on the scores during the certificate ceremony:

“We know that we are a little more expensive than others. This will remain so. We offer quality from Switzerland. That means: every Valera hairdryer is manufactured here in Ticino where the final inspection takes place as well. Each product is switched on and all functions are tested by hand.”

Commenting on the good ratings for design and functionality, Aenishänslin said:

“Especially the COLOR PRO LIGHT from the Valera Salon Exclusive line impresses with its shape and functionality: a slim handle for better holding comfort, no overheating thanks to a special cool-down button, no cable breakage thanks to a patented three-meters-long rotating Super-Flex cable, a powerful motor with guaranteed 1,000 hours of running time, a caring airflow enriched with negative ions, it is a flyweight with 470 grams and with only 65 dB also ultra-quiet.”

Valera, however, does not want to rest on his laurels. In January, the Swiss company plans to launch also a straightening iron in the Salon Exclusive line. Furthermore, there will be a Sales Manager based in Germany to work the German market more intensively. Pascal Aenishänslin sees a particularly great growth potential for the company in the German hairdressing market.

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